Welcome to i Omega Productions a company dedicated to the development of TV, Radio Shows, Documentaries and Commercials. With over 20 years experience and over 300 guest appearances in just 5 years including live on air performances that drives events and enriches marketing campaigns to reach its target markets bringing awareness and insight to city events. We are dedicated to bringing memorable visual experiences to your media vision and help you bring to life your imagination.

City Vibes Metro

An exciting lifestyle program to hit tv every Thursday at 9:30PM on Charter TV 3, also available on Charter on Demand 24/7...tune in to a lively discussion host Christina Andrianopoulos as she spotlights great guests talking about topics that affect our every day life....Feature segments, Health & Fitness, Style & Fashion and Dining Out Metro


Dining Out Metro

Adding to the line up on City Vibes Metro is the Dining Out Metro segment...with the Food Channel popularity, why not showcase the best in food, celebrity chefs, restaurateurs and great dining experiences in our city..Discover the best of the City...just for you foodies!


6th Sense & Beyond

is a new, exciting Psychic Paranormal TV Series premiering Tuesday, April 23, 2013 and will air every Tuesday 9:30 pm... And the BEST news is that you too can now be an important part of the destiny of our new TV series that goes beyond, “crossing over” and promises to take the viewer “beyond,” their comfort zone by using their “6th Sense.” A chance of a life time...this lifetime, not another incarnation.. We can't do it without you. Click here to learn how you can get involved. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You



Sponsor Opportunities

Looking to promote your business, Fund Raiser or restaurant? Let City Vibes Metro boost the awareness and out reach you need to run a successful campaign.


Support your local Television

Your contribution and donations support local television allowing shows like City Vibes Metro to showcase the best of our community. With over 500,000 viewers, people just like you have a chance to let the world know how you make a difference to our growing city.



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